Tuesday, July 14, 2009

36C Breasts: Implant Sizes For 36C

36C Breasts

Are you thinking of getting a breast augmentation for 36C breasts?  Certainly this is one of the most popular implant sizes that women choose in America today.  Many people refer to the perfect C cup, though there is evidence today that breast sizes are now increasing in size to D cup or DD cup.  The bra manufacturer Wacoal noted that their average size this year has increased to DD.

But for the majority of women getting implants, 36C breasts seem to be their ideal size.  So how can you determine what implant size you will need to get to this size?  There are many considerations here that you must think about.  It is simply not possible to just pop in to a plastic surgeons office and ask for 36C breasts.  They will want to know much more about your true goals and desires during the consultation.

36C Breasts:  Implant Sizes

When you meet with your plastic surgeon they will want to know what range within the C cup that you want.  In order to demonstrate this they will want you to wear breast implant sizers to literally show them on your own body what size you prefer.  While they have these sizers in the office, you will only have about 15 to 20 minutes to try them on there.  Ultimately the best way to do this is to use the Purlz Breast Sizing System at home either before or after the consultation.  This way you will take your time in a variety of sizes before showing the plastic surgeon your vision of the ideal 36C breasts on your body.

If you are a 36AA today, you will be using 300cc, 350cc, and 400cc breast implant sizers.

36A:  275cc, 325cc, 375cc

36B:  250CC, 300CC, 350CC

Using Breast Implant Sizers

What you will notice when you wear these various sizers is that  each size will give you an idea of various ranges within 36C.  For example on the smaller end, the 250cc to 300cc ranges you will likely be a smaller C cup, and on the larger end you will find yourself to be a full C cup.

The advantage here is that the plastic surgeon simply cannot know until you show them on your own body specifically how large you want to be.  And truly, you cannot know until you have tried out and worn various sizes to see specifically what 36c breasts means to you.  That is, the image in your mind of this size can only be well translated by showing you surgeon on your own body what you truly want.

Purlz Breast Sizing System and 36C Breasts

You can wear the Purlz Breast Sizing System in nearly any daily activity.  This might be as simple as wearing them out shopping for clothes on the new weekend (you’re going to need new clothes anyway, right?).  Or for many women, they like to wear them a bit longer, even wear them to work.  You might even consider wearing them to sleep so you can see how your sleep patterns will be adjusted based on your 36C breasts.

This might seem trivial, but it really is not.  Studies show that the most common reason for dissatisfaction with breast augmentation has to do with breast implant size alone.  That is, many women choose a size that they regret, often just weeks or months after the surgery.  By using implant sizers you get a much better vision for how you will feel in various sizes.

Now you can buy Purlz for under $100 as they are on sale. For that price you get a bra and three sets of sizers.  You can use the size calculator to try out a variety of different options.  Unlike other systems, the bra that comes with this package is excellent and may be used even after augmentation.   It can be useful in the third stage of recovery, the last few weeks while you are healing from the surgery.

For more information on The Purlz Breast Sizing System visit L.W. Gatz on the web.


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